What is an Infrared Sauna? | Far Infrared Sauna Facts | Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas


Infrared Sauna Facts

What exactly is an infrared sauna?  Before we dive into what infrared saunas are, we should first understand infrared wavelengths.

Infrared Wavelengths

The sun produces a combination of visible and invisible light, and one of those invisible spectrums is infrared rays. Invisible infrared wavelengths are what makes the sun feel warm (and ultraviolet wavelengths are what makes it bright).

There are three main categories of the infrared spectrum: near infrared, mid infrared, and far infrared.  “Far Infrared Saunas” produce mostly infrared in the far infrared band.  “Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas” produce near, mid and far infrared. 

Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas are low temperature saunas.  Generally, you will be using the sauna at temperatures between 115°F to 140°F.  It is much more comfortable to sit in an infrared saunas as the air temperature is much lower then a traditional sauna.  You will still sweat profusely in an infrared sauna, just at much lower temperatures.